Oct 07, 2022

How Does OnlyFans Make Money?

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by Maximilian Böger

OnlyFans makes money by offering a subscription service. Users pay a fixed subscription fee to various content publishers. OnlyFans receive 20%, while creators receive 80%.

OnlyFans producers can choose their subscription pricing based on the platform's constraints. OnlyFans determines the minimum and maximum subscription fees, which range from $4.99 to $49.99 per month.

To earn extra money, authors may put up tips or paid private messages starting at $5. This is how the majority of the platform's top earners make millions of dollars. Since its inception in 2016, the platform has distributed over $2 billion to its developers. Their payment is made every 21 days and is a really straightforward process. This implies that, in addition to attracting viewers, OnlyFans has provided adult content providers with a much-needed internet platform.

One of the enticing aspects of OnlyFans for producers is that you don't have to create material over and over again. You may, for example, share one 'exclusive' selfie with 10 distinct members and get tips from each of them separately. Existing adult entertainment platforms do not have the capability of offering tailored material in this manner.

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Profile of daisy dray, a content creator on OnlyFans

How Much Money Do OnlyFans Creators Make?

Influencers and models, unlike other social media platforms, do not have to rely on sponsorships to generate money. They may charge whatever subscription price they choose and control their revenues.

Dannii Harwood, the top UK OnlyFans creator, earning roughly $29,000 in one month and $52,000 in the next. With her OnlyFans account, Hollywood starlet Bella Thorne made over a million dollars in only one day.

Kaylen Ward, a model, has earned over $1 million for Australian charities in the aftermath of the wildfires by charging admirers $10 to see exclusive pornographic video.

Caroline Calloway, an influencer, put up an OnlyFans page where she dresses up as literary characters for her admirers and makes thousands of dollars each month. Other influencers, such as e-girl influencer Belle Delphine, can charge supporters a monthly membership fee of $35 for access to pornographic material, which is another incredibly popular category.

OnlyFans Profits and Growth

OnlyFans has recorded a 42% rise in new registrations since 2020, with over 1 million creator accounts and over 100 million users globally. Last year, the firm recorded $390 million in annual sales, and that figure is only increasing.

OnlyFans is apparently in discussions to obtain fresh capital worth more than $1 billion, which will allow the site to become more widespread than before. OnlyFans is predicted to make almost $300 million in earnings this year.

Whether or not you agree with the material published on the site, the reality is that OnlyFans is one of the few companies that has not only survived but prospered during a worldwide epidemic - all while enabling independent content producers to make money.

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