Oct 24, 2021

Four Action Oriented Insights of Google’s Business Model

Business Model Idea
by Maximilian Böger

Why Google is named Alphabet?

Alphabet known as Google is a multinational company focusing on Internet-related services and products. The core of Google is its search engine, but the company's portfolio comprises various other Internet-based products such as cloud computing, software, a mobile operating system (Android), online advertising technologies, maps, and YouTube. In August 2015, Google was restructured to become a subsidiary of Alphabet, a holding company and conglomerate. Alphabet has become the parent company for other businesses which formerly were part of Google such as Google Ventures or Calico. Google retains its function as the umbrella company for all the Internet-related businesses.

Google’s Action Oriented Insights

Pushing employees out of their comfort zones

Google’s growth and success can be attributed to its capability to operate at an exceptional velocity. Employees think quickly and execute their ideas very fast. Always thinking about the next steps, they are bringing the company ahead of competitors. Employees do not get the chance to become complacent in their comfort zones. Striving for continuous development and thinking like an entrepreneur is the way to go.

What do you expect from your employees and how do you encourage the desired behaviour?

Creating the necessary environment for innovation

Google adapts a calculated approach towards innovation and does not leave it to chance. Therefore, it creates an environment to nourish innovation: there are break room, cafés, and common areas to meet people from other teams and to inspire each other. Further, it organizes weekly meetings to engage its people in wide-ranging conversations and sparking creativity. What is your concept of the appropriate working culture? How does it add value to the employees and the company?

Investing in excellence

Google managed to build a strong and united team as it is focused on hiring the most outstanding people. It provides special mentoring programs and the opportunity and space for team members to lead. In fact, team members at any level are able to initiate company-wide change. How do you promote your employees’ skills?

Integration of user behaviour

Google develops its ideas with close customer orientation. It analyzes user trends and behaviours in real-time which serve as the base for further ideas. Every step of the process like testing or developing new featurs are validated with user information. How do you include your customers in the development of your offerings?

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