Mar 16, 2022

The Business Model Patterns behind ThePower Business School

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by Maximilian Böger

What is ThePower Business School?

ThePower Business School (before ThePower MBA) strives to present freely accessible economic knowledge to all those who want to delve into thesubject matter regardless of time and place. The founders Rafael Gozalo Corral (Co-CEO), Borja AdaneroGuinea (Co-CEO), Hugo Arévalo and Kike Corral are convinced that a sound economic education must bepossible for the fraction of the cost of a classic MBA. To realise these ideals, POWERMBA, INC. was foundedin Madrid (Spain) in 2017.

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With its teaching practices, ThePower Business School stands for a conscious break withtraditional management education and thus aims to revolutionise the education industry. For example, peoplewith top positions in companies such as Netflix, Tesla or YouTube report on their own practical experiences aswell as the most groundbreaking business theories and concepts of the day in 15-minute videos. Every day,new so-called "bite-sized" units are made available together with other digital and analogue materials. In principle, four different programmes are available, accessible to all groups of people - with or withoutexperience in economics. Depending on the programme, the costs and duration of the courses vary, but all graduates receive a certificate that is highly regarded in many industries even without official accreditation. ThePower Business School sees itself, together with all its participants, as a large community that networks intensively. The concept enables fast learning that can be integrated into everyday life and is easy to understand, offeringan exceptional 360° insight into the fundamental know-how of business.

5 of 12 Business Model Patterns behind ThePowerMBA

What are the mechanics behind ThePower Business School's success and what business model patterns are used by the company? Below is a brief analysis of 5 of the 12 patterns used. See all patterns with our premium subscription.

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Unlike traditional MBAs, ThePower Business School manages to offer a program that is not only much cheaper, but also available regardless of time and place. This makes the knowledge accessible to a much larger audience. The way the content is presented also reduces difficulties in the learning process. Thus, the videos are practice-oriented, easy to integrate into everyday life and have a clear focus on a specific topic.


The classic image of MBAs is theory-heavy teaching by academics for academics. ThePower Business School deliberately breaks with the usual notions by imparting experience-based, business knowledge. Apart from the unusually comprehensive digital component, the relationship between theory and practice is also rethought. Although similar areas are covered, ThePower Business School's unconventional way of teaching the topics sets it apart from and challenges well-known MBAs.


The participants come from various sectors, for a wide range of reasons, with different prerequisites and varying levels of prior knowledge. What they have in common, however, is an interest in further business education, in learning new skills and in personal development. ThePower Business School is therefore aimed at a broad target group and deliberately avoids precise segmentation.

Emotions (Image)

ThePower Business School manages to reach participants on an emotional level. For them, the knowledge generated can contribute to a professional upgrading of their portfolio, their image in professional life and thus their opportunities for the future. Participants also benefit from the sense of community, the resulting relationships, personal development and self-fulfilment in the course of the programs.

Guranteed Availability

Due to the digital presence of ThePower Business School, the availability of the learning units is almost unlimited. Participants can regularly use new videos regardless of time and place and are hardly hindered by downtime. ThePower Business School achieves this through clearly structured processes and many years of experience in the coordination of videos and materials.

What makes ThePower Business School special?

ThePower Business School succeeds in rethinking and reshaping familiar patterns in the following areas:

  1. Interested parties: knowledge tests, free video materials and initial webinars are provided to help them learn about the programs. Contact with interested parties is also made immediately to stick to the connection.

  2. Degree qualifications: Instead of official accreditation, ThePower Business School awards recognized certificates of completion and offers the opportunity to earn a Harvard Manage Mentor certificate in cooperation with Harvard Business Publishing Education.

  3. Equality: ThePower Business School pursues the ideal of equal career opportunities regardless of gender, culture or financial means. For example, the proportion of women among students (compared to other MBAs) and employees in marketing is also gratifyingly high.

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