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Business Model Ideas is here to inspire you, your team and your organization. Whether you are looking for detailed information on a particular business model, competitive analysis, want to learn about the business models in your or any other industry or find inspiration for your own business model. We provide easy access to well researched analysis of traditional and innovative business models. Every information is back-checked and verified before publication.

Company Information

Get an introduction to the main characteristics, social media channels and hard facts of the start up or company.

Business Model Canvas

Simple visualization of the business model building blocks using the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder et al., the world’s best-known tool for describing business models.

Business Model Patterns

See which business model patterns have been applied. Click on learn more to see a detailed description of the specific pattern.

Related Business Models

Quick access to similiar and related business models in the database.


Learn what makes the business model special and gain actionable insights you can apply.

SWOT Analysis

Learn more about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the respective startup or company with the help of the well-known SWOT analysis.


Understand how various companies communicate and advertise their value proposition.

Compare Business Models

Compare business models and learn about the similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses.

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Business Model Patterns
Related Business Models
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We analyze corporates and startups around the globe

We analyze and pay for access to the best data on public, venture-backed, and private companies available, as well as utilize independent analyst research, to identify interesting business models


We find business models that inspire you

Most of successful companies or bootstrapped and profitable startups started with a value proposition for a small niche. We look for famous as well as unknown business models with great strategy that inspire you.


Every monday, we release one new business model

Every week, you'll learn about one existing business model. You will get a mail with a direct link. Furthermore we update all business models that are analyzed before.


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1. Believe that you can only be successful if you come up with the idea. We believe that inspiration and recombination is good for business model development or innovation, because over 90% of all business models is a recombination of existing ones. Business Model Ideas is a unique opportunity to compete - and win!

2. Free access to all content. We are strategists, entrepreneurs, business developer, researcher, business angels and private investors - just like you. We doing this research for ourself, and looking to see if other business model enthusiasts would pay for the research we are doing. We offer three free premium analyzes to show that the quality of our platform speaks for itself.


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We do the boring work

Analyzing hundreads of companies and identifying patterns is slow, tedious work. Get the "best-of" business models. We are continuously adding features and we add every Monday one new business model.

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Get outside of your field

Business Model Ideas is here to inspire you, your team and your organization. Learn from other industries about opportunities you've never even thought of, that we've discovered.

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We provides easy access to well researched descriptions of traditional and innovative business models design themes and examples. Every information is referenced, back-checked, and verified before publication.

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  • 200+ Business Model Analyzes
  • Compare, filter and get insights
  • Every week a new Business Model Idea
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Did you know that 95% of the business models worldwide are a recombination of existing 108 business model patterns? No? Get 3 examples for free!

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